Christmas Trees

Coming to our tree farm to get your live Christmas tree is a great experience for everyone. We will supply you with a saw so you can choose and cut down you very own Christmas tree. We have a small selection of pre-cut trees available if you prefer not to cut your own tree.  Your tree can be bailed (wrapped) for a small cost to make transport much more convenient. We can not accept cards, cheques or cash only please.


The types of trees we have available are groomed Balsam fir, White Spruce, Colorado Blue spruce and naturally grown Pine. Balsam fir trees are most popular because of their excellent needle retention, amazing fragrance and soft needles. Blue Spruce and Pine keep their needles quite well and are excellent for decorating with sturdy branches.

Fir Ever Green Tree Farm is a great place to enjoy a day with your family. As you search for the perfect tree, you may enjoy a snowball fight or building a snowman. There are sleigh rides available again this year, providing that there is sufficient snow and the mercury does not drop lower than the horses can tolerate.

After your adventure, we welcome you to come inside and warm up in our cosy log cabin. We offer hot chocolate, apple cider and treats.

You can also purchase firewood, tree stands, fresh homemade wreaths and handmade novelties while you are here!