Ponderosa Pine

Pinus ponderosa – Ponderosa Pine


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Attractive at all ages, the Ponderosa can be used for bonsai, kept in containers, or dominate a woodland. Long, 4-11 inches, needles, in 3s, are rich green and cluster at the ends of bran

ches. Prickly cones, 3-5inches, are light red-brown. This well-loved native grows 50-60ft tall in cultivation, to 150ft in the wild. One of the most valuable of forest trees, use it for mass plantings where there is room. It makes a good windbreak, and is beautiful scattered as specimens across a sunny hillside. It will not tolerate shade, but accepts almost any soil and is drought tolerant. It is at its best planted in light, deep, well-drained and moist soils, always in full sun. Zones 4- 8 PINACEAE  

FasciclesPine needles grow in bundles called fascicles. Many pine species have a specialized tissue known as the fascicle sheath that binds the needle groups together at their base. The number of needles in a fascicle varies according to species. White pines, for instance, have five needles per fascicle, while ponderosa pines generally have three. One way to identify a pine species is by the needle count per fascicle.

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