White Spruce

White Spruce (Picea glauca)

The white spruce is the most common spruce tree found in Canada. It grows well in Alberta and can be found up along the arctic tree line.
The white spruce usually grows to be 24 metres tall, but under ideal conditions can grow to more than 30 metres tall. It usually lives between 250 and 350 years, but trees up to 1,000 years have been seen.  White spruce tolerate a range of moisture levels,  shade or sun  and almost any soil type. Its needles are about 2 centimeters long and bluish green or green in colour, with a whitish powdery, waxy layer.

Wood from the white spruce is used to make wood pulp and lumber. Landscapers often use white spruce for wind breaks,screens or solitary decorative trees.  They are also grown as Christmas trees.

Cones from the white spruce are 5 to 7 centimeters long and are light brown.